August 16, 2018

Diamond Python found in Trinity Beach

This is a scale pattern I don’t see very often – and for good reason. Diamond Pythons are closely related to carpet pythons (sub species) and are commonly found in coastal areas of New South Wales. I caught this stunning snake right at the top of a tree at a Trinity Beach residence. It was coiled up in a tight ball around a branch and as I gently tapped its body in an effort to locate the sharp end, the python calmly slid down my arm and around my shoulder. At this point I suspected the snake may have once been a pet. The diamond python has since been surrendered to the Wildlife Management Unit of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and will be found a new home under one of their relocation programs.  
May 30, 2016

Trinity Beach man finds snake curled up under his pillow

A TRINITY Beach man received one hell of a shock after being bitten on the hand by a snake while trying to go to sleep on Friday night.Snake catcher Matt Hagan said it was “probably the fattest spotted python I’ve ever caught”. And it’s safe to say the spotted python that had curled up under a pillow also received a rude awakening, biting the man on the finger. Cairns snake catcher Matt Hagan received a call from the shaken resident about 11.30pm. “He seemed a little but stressed. He’d just gone to bed and he’d put his hand under his pillow,” Mr Hagan said. The man told Mr Hagan that something had bitten and attached itself to his hand. “Which is a fairly shocking thing to happen when you’re trying to fall asleep,” he said. The man’s wife, hearing noises, entered the room and saw a large spotted python curled up under the pillow. “It was a very large one for this species,” Mr Hagan said. The snake was about 1.2m in length and Mr Hagan said it was “probably the fattest spotted python I’ve ever caught”. By the time Mr Hagan arrived the snake had moved to the bedside drawer. Earlier on Friday night Mr Hagan was called to Kuranda after one resident, having readied his boat for fishing the next morning, noticed a stowaway when a coastal carpet python had popped its head up from one of the life jackets. On Saturday night, Mr Hagan was called to Redlynch Valley where a 5m scrub python­ had gained entry to a duck pen and was preparing for an evening feast.
May 13, 2014

Diamond in the rough needs a home

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May 13, 2014

‘It was just sitting there on the bed, I couldn’t believe it:’ Mum of ten year old girl horrified to find a one metre long venomous snake lying on her bed

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