November 13, 2014

Did this snake commit SUICIDE? Brown tree snake was found dead still biting its neck

The 1.5m Brown Tree snake was found outside a Cairns home on Saturday Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catchers was trying to relocate it when he realised the snake had died still latching onto its neck He took the snake to the vet to determine a cause of death, but could only find swelling nears its puncture wounds By Emily Crane for Daily Mail Australia Published: 11:00 EST, 13 November 2014 | Updated: 13:04 EST, 13 November 2014 Click here to read full story Did this snake kill itself using its own venom? It certainly looked that way when Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catchers found the dead snake on Saturday still plunging its fangs into its own neck. He was called to a home at Earville, just south-west of Cairns, after a woman found the 1.5 metre Brown Tree snake on her doorstep. ‘Usually when the snake is outside, it goes away after a while and no one every sees it again. But she said it was still wriggling after half an hour so I went over to relocate it,’ Mr Hagan told Daily Mail Australia. ‘I could immediately see something wasn’t quite right with the snake. When I picked it up I noticed it was still biting down firmly on its neck. ‘I thought what on earth – it looked like it had bitten its own neck and died.’     Click here to read full story