October 15, 2016

Swimming with snakes

  This particular 4.5m Scrub Python had his escape strategy well rehearsed. Anytime the scrub python saw a torch light it bolted straight to the bottom of a deep dam. After a successful capture we felt it appropriate to release the scrub python into its preferred habitat. If you look closely you can see the python swims through the water with its tongue flapping in the current. Enjoy  
August 15, 2014

Four giant scrub pythons have a sexy snake lovefest in roof of Cairns

DANIEL BATEMAN The Cairns Post August 15, 2014 7:28AM THE roof cavity of a Cairns home made the perfect hide-away for a group of giant snakes. Reptile removalist Matt Hagan, from Cairns Snake Catcher, was initially called to the Caravonica home last Tuesday to shift a snake spotted on the roof. After a prolonged struggle in the rain, Mr Hagan removed a 4.3m long scrub python, releasing it later back into the wild. Click here to read full story