August 31, 2016

Python Paradise – Snakes looking for love in Cairns roof spaces

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic dealing with some very active members of the Scrub Python community! Many roof spaces around Cairns have been turned into the Scrub Python equivalent of Gilligan’s NIght Club with plenty of intense socialising keeping residents wide awake into the early hours. I relocated six Scrub Pythons from one residence with another remaining at large. Having spent the the past few weeks on my belly squeezing into places that even some snakes find hard to occupy, I have had to break up fights, track down serial offenders, and even separate two snakes joined at the hips…or rather cloaca. Often I will find two snakes curled up together in perfect condition while another is curled up alone covered in deep lacerations. It is a brutal pass time being the loser! Some simple steps that can be taken to avoid your roof space being turned into a scrub python saloon, include clearing vegetation away from your gutter, ensuring their is no open access to your roof space, installing/checking gutter guard and baiting for rats regularly. Should your hear unusual activity in your roof space call 0467 473 883.
February 5, 2015

Cairns homeowners call for help as snakes rain from on high

Bianca Keegan The Cairns Post February 05, 2015 7:40AM A FAR Northern snake catcher has been run off his feet due to an unwanted baby boom playing out in suburban Cairns. Three households – in Redlynch, Holloways Beach and Caravonica – woke up this week to find dozens of fanged reptiles littering their homes. Cairns snake catcher Matt Hagan (pictured inset) received a panicked call from one resident claiming he had “a bathroom full of taipans”. Click here to read full story