August 16, 2018

Snake joins Saturday morning shoppers in the showroom!

Saturday morning shoppers keen to inspect some outdoor furniture on display at a Cairns showroom were joined by an unlikely customer in the form of a 2m coastal carpet python. The snake was spotted around the base of a large shade umbrella and quickly retreated to the very top after attracting a little too much attention from intrigued staff and customers. The carpet python was very well mannered and quite a good match for the outdoor decor it had selected. Carpet pythons are non venomous and are currently in the midst of breeding season. They occasionally eat small pets but pose very little risk to Saturday morning bargain hunters. (please excuse the lack of shoes – I had to climb on the furniture and out of respect to the retailer took off my shoes).
August 31, 2015

Two-metre snake wrestled from showroom of Cairns furniture store

IM CAMPBELL The Cairns Post August 31, 2015 12:00A A TWO-metre carpet python was not the styling feature staff at a major furniture store had in mind when preparing to open for the weekend rush. The coastal carpet python had slithered in among leather couches in the showroom where it was discovered by staff on Saturday morning. Click here to read full story