Snake under the Bed!!!!

Snake in the Bed

A 3.5 m scrub python under the bed....

Snake in the Bed

A 3.5 m scrub python under the bed….

Most people stop checking under their beds for monsters as they get older, however occasionally it is still worth checking….

A Trinity Park couple were woken in the night by their dog growling at something under their bed as they were sleeping. After the bedside lamp was switched on they caught a glimpse of a snake under their bed. When I arrived they were relatively calm and suspected it was a 50cm tree snake.

I crawled under their bed and was greeted by a 3m scrub python tightly wrapped around the bed frame and in a really bad mood. I warned the couple that their room mate was slightly larger than they had initially suspected!

The scub python (non-venomous) was relocated and we all agreed that they should look into closing the screen door during the night which was always left open for their pets.

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