October 11, 2016

Gordonvale father rakes deadly snake in to bucket

Dominic Geiger, The Cairns Post October 11, 2016 5:00am USING a rake to pick up one of the world’s deadliest snakes might not be on the average person’s bucket list, but for recent arrivals to the Far North the danger isn’t always obvious. Matthew Hagan from Cairns Snake Catcher was alarmed when he received a photograph from a Gordonvale family, recently arrived from Europe, who had caught a death adder and put it in a bucket. “The family had young children playing in the yard and the snake was noticed and subsequently caught by their father,” Mr Hagan said. “After making sure the man had definitely not come in contact with the death adder, I explained that it was a dangerously venomous snake that is best dealt with by a professional.” Warmer weather and the breeding season are making reptiles more active around Cairns and Mr Hagan warned people to never approach a snake. Click to read full article
August 31, 2016

Python Paradise – Snakes looking for love in Cairns roof spaces

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic dealing with some very active members of the Scrub Python community! Many roof spaces around Cairns have been turned into the Scrub Python equivalent of Gilligan’s NIght Club with plenty of intense socialising keeping residents wide awake into the early hours. I relocated six Scrub Pythons from one residence with another remaining at large. Having spent the the past few weeks on my belly squeezing into places that even some snakes find hard to occupy, I have had to break up fights, track down serial offenders, and even separate two snakes joined at the hips…or rather cloaca. Often I will find two snakes curled up together in perfect condition while another is curled up alone covered in deep lacerations. It is a brutal pass time being the loser! Some simple steps that can be taken to avoid your roof space being turned into a scrub python saloon, include clearing vegetation away from your gutter, ensuring their is no open access to your roof space, installing/checking gutter guard and baiting for rats regularly. Should your hear unusual activity in your roof space call 0467 473 883.
May 30, 2016

Trinity Beach man finds snake curled up under his pillow

A TRINITY Beach man received one hell of a shock after being bitten on the hand by a snake while trying to go to sleep on Friday night.Snake catcher Matt Hagan said it was “probably the fattest spotted python I’ve ever caught”. And it’s safe to say the spotted python that had curled up under a pillow also received a rude awakening, biting the man on the finger. Cairns snake catcher Matt Hagan received a call from the shaken resident about 11.30pm. “He seemed a little but stressed. He’d just gone to bed and he’d put his hand under his pillow,” Mr Hagan said. The man told Mr Hagan that something had bitten and attached itself to his hand. “Which is a fairly shocking thing to happen when you’re trying to fall asleep,” he said. The man’s wife, hearing noises, entered the room and saw a large spotted python curled up under the pillow. “It was a very large one for this species,” Mr Hagan said. The snake was about 1.2m in length and Mr Hagan said it was “probably the fattest spotted python I’ve ever caught”. By the time Mr Hagan arrived the snake had moved to the bedside drawer. Earlier on Friday night Mr Hagan was called to Kuranda after one resident, having readied his boat for fishing the next morning, noticed a stowaway when a coastal carpet python had popped its head up from one of the life jackets. On Saturday night, Mr Hagan was called to Redlynch Valley where a 5m scrub python­ had gained entry to a duck pen and was preparing for an evening feast.
November 24, 2015

Scrub python leaves Cairns snake catcher’s car with new odour

Dominic Geiger The Cairns Post November 24, 2015 6:25AM A CAIRNS snake-catcher’s car was in need of a new air freshener when a scrub python had a bout of motion sickness after devouring a family’s much-loved pet chicken. Matt Hagan, of Cairns Snake Catchers, was removing the 3.5-metre reptile from the home of a distressed Whitfield family, who had walked in on the snake halfway through its meal. Click here to read full story
August 31, 2015

Two-metre snake wrestled from showroom of Cairns furniture store

IM CAMPBELL The Cairns Post August 31, 2015 12:00A A TWO-metre carpet python was not the styling feature staff at a major furniture store had in mind when preparing to open for the weekend rush. The coastal carpet python had slithered in among leather couches in the showroom where it was discovered by staff on Saturday morning. Click here to read full story
February 5, 2015

Cairns homeowners call for help as snakes rain from on high

Bianca Keegan The Cairns Post February 05, 2015 7:40AM A FAR Northern snake catcher has been run off his feet due to an unwanted baby boom playing out in suburban Cairns. Three households – in Redlynch, Holloways Beach and Caravonica – woke up this week to find dozens of fanged reptiles littering their homes. Cairns snake catcher Matt Hagan (pictured inset) received a panicked call from one resident claiming he had “a bathroom full of taipans”. Click here to read full story
November 13, 2014

Did this snake commit SUICIDE? Brown tree snake was found dead still biting its neck

The 1.5m Brown Tree snake was found outside a Cairns home on Saturday Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catchers was trying to relocate it when he realised the snake had died still latching onto its neck He took the snake to the vet to determine a cause of death, but could only find swelling nears its puncture wounds By Emily Crane for Daily Mail Australia Published: 11:00 EST, 13 November 2014 | Updated: 13:04 EST, 13 November 2014 Click here to read full story Did this snake kill itself using its own venom? It certainly looked that way when Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catchers found the dead snake on Saturday still plunging its fangs into its own neck. He was called to a home at Earville, just south-west of Cairns, after a woman found the 1.5 metre Brown Tree snake on her doorstep. ‘Usually when the snake is outside, it goes away after a while and no one every sees it again. But she said it was still wriggling after half an hour so I went over to relocate it,’ Mr Hagan told Daily Mail Australia. ‘I could immediately see something wasn’t quite right with the snake. When I picked it up I noticed it was still biting down firmly on its neck. ‘I thought what on earth – it looked like it had bitten its own neck and died.’     Click here to read full story
August 15, 2014

Four giant scrub pythons have a sexy snake lovefest in roof of Cairns

DANIEL BATEMAN The Cairns Post August 15, 2014 7:28AM THE roof cavity of a Cairns home made the perfect hide-away for a group of giant snakes. Reptile removalist Matt Hagan, from Cairns Snake Catcher, was initially called to the Caravonica home last Tuesday to shift a snake spotted on the roof. After a prolonged struggle in the rain, Mr Hagan removed a 4.3m long scrub python, releasing it later back into the wild. Click here to read full story
May 13, 2014

Python ‘eggs-perience’ for Cairns couple after finding snake nest

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May 13, 2014

Diamond in the rough needs a home

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May 13, 2014

Snake adds to deadly mix at Oak Beach property north of Cairns

May 13, 2014

Snake’s meal a cat-astrophe for Palm Cove resident

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