Scrub python breeding season is off with a BANG….in the roof!

Jason Legg and Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catcher

Jason Legg and Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catcher

Two HUGE scrub pythons

A Whiterock couple were shocked to see their ceiling flex and crack under the weight of these 4-5m Amethystine pythons, also referred to as scrub pythons. Extracting this dynamic duo was no easy feat and ultimately resulted in the ceiling giving way as these snakes made a particularly dramatic entry into the office!

Now is the time of year for ceiling spaces around Cairns to come alive at night with the sound of scrub pythons as they form breeding aggregations. If you are lucky enough to host a scrub python party in your roof space this breeding season (end of July to late September) it can get pretty wild as males fight each other to impress females. Occasionally these interactions can result in strange smells wafting through different rooms, and even structural damage to your house in the form or ceiling stains or cracks.

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