August 16, 2018

Invasion of miniature proportions!

Backyards around Cairns have experienced an invasion of miniature proportions unfolding this week. Hot, humid and generally oppressive wet season conditions are perfect for nurturing new life in the local snake community (and bad tempers in the human community!). An abundance of food combined with perfect growing conditions has seen the Cairns Snake Catchers inundated with a variety of snake hatchlings this week, including the scrub python, water python, spotted python, coastal carpet python and brown tree snakes to name a few. The water python hatchlings in my left hand were collected from a cave deep in a Gordonvale vegetable patch and the scrub python hatchlings in my right hand from a rotten void at the base of a golden cane in Yorkeys Knob. In order to avoid these ‘ankle biters’ ending up in you house make sure you close the screens on the windows and doors – particularly in the evening. If you see snake hatchlings in your garden we encourage you to admire them from a safe distance and let them be. The likely hood of them setting up permanent residence in your yard or around your house is minimal and the risk to your children or pets low. If they do end up inside however, call Cairns Snake Catcher on 0467 473 883 for assistance.