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August 4, 2019

Scrub python breeding season is off with a BANG….in the roof!

A Whiterock couple were shocked to see their ceiling flex and crack under the weight of these 4-5m Amethystine pythons, also referred to as scrub pythons. Extracting this dynamic duo was no easy feat and ultimately resulted in the ceiling giving way as these snakes made a particularly dramatic entry into the office! Now is the time of year for ceiling spaces around Cairns to come alive at night with the sound of scrub pythons as they form breeding aggregations. If you are lucky enough to host a scrub python party in your roof space this breeding season (end of July to late September) it can get pretty wild as males fight each other to impress females. Occasionally these interactions can result in strange smells wafting through different rooms, and even structural damage to your house in the form or ceiling stains or cracks. If you live in or around Cairns and need to book a roof inspection feel free to call 0467 473 883. Cairns Snake Catcher has 3 catchers operating 24/7.
October 2, 2018
Snake in the Bed

Snake under the Bed!!!!

Most people stop checking under their beds for monsters as they get older, however occasionally it is still worth checking…. A Trinity Park couple were woken in the night by their dog growling at something under their bed as they were sleeping. After the bedside lamp was switched on they caught a glimpse of a snake under their bed. When I arrived they were relatively calm and suspected it was a 50cm tree snake. I crawled under their bed and was greeted by a 3m scrub python tightly wrapped around the bed frame and in a really bad mood. I warned the couple that their room mate was slightly larger than they had initially suspected! The scub python (non-venomous) was relocated and we all agreed that they should look into closing the screen door during the night which was always left open for their pets.
August 24, 2018

Big Scrub Python – Machans Beach

Introducing the newest member of the Cairns Snake Catching team – Jason Legg. Jason is a professional fishing guide, accomplished crocodile and snake handler, and a welcome addition to our team. We now have three professional snake catchers spanning multiple generations to help limit negative interaction between local Cairns residents and the local snake species. Scrub pythons were out in force this weekend looking to exploit any weaknesses in suburban chicken coops in order to access an easy meal. Jason caught this impressive Scrub Python on Friday at a residence in Machans Beach. Just short of 5m and weighing an impressive 28kg this big scrub python was found on top of a chicken coop systematically searching for the entrance to the all you can eat chicken buffet. Many other scrub pythons were also removed from in and around chicken coops this week. It is a timely reminder that as it gets hotter snake appetites increase and small pets left outside for the night need to be kept in a snake proof enclosure
August 20, 2018

5.5m Scrub Python in Speewah

When Patty from Speewah calls to say she has a big scrub python trying to get into her duck pen – she really means BIG. Measuring 5.1m in length and tipping the scales at a very respectable 27kg, this hungry scrub python could have cleared out the duck pen in one sitting. It is no wonder that ‘Hot Chocolate’ the flamboyant brown duck was in such a flap when I arrived the scene at 2:30am. The spectacular scrubby also had around 30 bush ticks attached to its head which were promptly removed by Cairns Snake Catcher and vet Dr Jack Shield. The large scrub python was then released back into the Barron Gorge National Park minus the blood sucking parasites.
August 16, 2018

Easter Snake Hunt

Cairns residents uncovered more than just Easter eggs around their homes this long weekend with a variety of snake species joining in on the Easter fun. Notable catches include a Clifton Beach Death Adder that was found near the doorstep (these snakes are so well camouflaged I suspect the only ones that actually get noticed are the ones near the welcome mat!), a 3m scrub python looking for a midnight snack in a Brinsmead kitchen, and a painfully full 2m scrub python found under the house while looking for a missing cat….It is still a very active period for many species of snakes around Cairns so make sure any small pets are well secured at night to avoid a dinner date with the scrub python community and remember to shut the screens at night so you don’t end up with a slaty-grey snake under your couch. If you live in Clifton Beach be careful where you step when you get the paper in the morning!
October 27, 2016

Two monster scrub pythons caught in Speewah near Cairns in two days

SPEEWAH has emerged as a hotbed for monster snakes with two 5m scrub pythons caught at separate locations in as many days. On Friday, well-mannered snake catchers from the Australian Venom Zoo waited two hours for a python to finish its meal of a wallaby at a home in the leafy suburb near Cairns. “We were called out to move it off the property because the owner had chickens and small dogs,” said venomous-animals expert Stuart Douglass. “We moved it to a place where it could digest its meal and have a happy life. “We’re always concerned it’s going to regurgitate but this one didn’t … “It’s really important for them to get one really good meal at least once a year – big snakes need to eat a lot of food.” At 2am Saturday, snake catchers were called to another Speewah property where they found a 5.1m python with an appetite for duck. “The python was searching the perimeter of the duck enclosure trying to get in and the ducks were making a serious racket,” said Cairns Snake Catchers owner Matt Hagan. “The owner came down and there was a huge python trying to push the fence in. “It had bush ticks all around its eyes, so we brought it back to Cairns to remove them all.” The 27kg snake was released in Barron Gorge National Park on Saturday. Mr Hagan said it was unusual but not unheard of to have two big captures in the same area so close together. “The bigger ones have better chance of surviving there than in suburban Cairns where they have to cross roads all the time,” he said. “October is a very busy time for snake catchers generally. “We sometimes get these clusters of activity in certain suburbs, I’m not exactly sure why but it does happen.” Click to read full article
October 15, 2016

Swimming with snakes

  This particular 4.5m Scrub Python had his escape strategy well rehearsed. Anytime the scrub python saw a torch light it bolted straight to the bottom of a deep dam. After a successful capture we felt it appropriate to release the scrub python into its preferred habitat. If you look closely you can see the python swims through the water with its tongue flapping in the current. Enjoy  
August 31, 2016

Python Paradise – Snakes looking for love in Cairns roof spaces

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic dealing with some very active members of the Scrub Python community! Many roof spaces around Cairns have been turned into the Scrub Python equivalent of Gilligan’s NIght Club with plenty of intense socialising keeping residents wide awake into the early hours. I relocated six Scrub Pythons from one residence with another remaining at large. Having spent the the past few weeks on my belly squeezing into places that even some snakes find hard to occupy, I have had to break up fights, track down serial offenders, and even separate two snakes joined at the hips…or rather cloaca. Often I will find two snakes curled up together in perfect condition while another is curled up alone covered in deep lacerations. It is a brutal pass time being the loser! Some simple steps that can be taken to avoid your roof space being turned into a scrub python saloon, include clearing vegetation away from your gutter, ensuring their is no open access to your roof space, installing/checking gutter guard and baiting for rats regularly. Should your hear unusual activity in your roof space call 0467 473 883.
November 24, 2015

Scrub python leaves Cairns snake catcher’s car with new odour

Dominic Geiger The Cairns Post November 24, 2015 6:25AM A CAIRNS snake-catcher’s car was in need of a new air freshener when a scrub python had a bout of motion sickness after devouring a family’s much-loved pet chicken. Matt Hagan, of Cairns Snake Catchers, was removing the 3.5-metre reptile from the home of a distressed Whitfield family, who had walked in on the snake halfway through its meal. Click here to read full story
May 13, 2014

Python ‘eggs-perience’ for Cairns couple after finding snake nest

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May 13, 2014

Smithfield resident finds 6m scrub python in back yard

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