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August 20, 2018

Warm Nights….Hungry Snakes!

While many parts of Queensland and New South Wales deal with the aftermath of cyclone Debbie, Cairns residents have endured some very warm nights and an influx of snakes! Big scrub pythons have made the most of hot conditions with many Cairns pets under siege throughout the night. Some large brown tree snakes have also been relocated with one from Redlynch measuring 2.4m. Regardless of prevailing conditions, all pet owners in and around Cairns need to ensure that their animals are either inside at night or in a suitable snake proof outside enclosure.
August 16, 2018

Snake Catching with Style

I’m not here for a haircut, I’m here to catch your snake…but I will need to borrow your wife’s blow dryer…. I could have passed it off as a strange dream, but late last night I found myself blow drying the stairwell of a quiet Kewarra Beach residence. The 2m brown tree snake had retreated into the hollow beam of the stairwell when I arrived and had no intentions of coming out. That is when I decided to turn up the heat. I have used this little trick once on a common tree snake that would not come out of the rim of the toilet bowl, but wasn’t sure if it would work in a more industrial setting. By gently heating the area where the snake is hiding the temperature change will often motivate the snake to leave the safety its bunker. After about 5 minutes of reasonably awkward blow drying the snake slowly exited the steel beam and entered my snake bag. Had the snake stayed in the beam I’m sure the resident would have thought I was loosing the plot!
August 16, 2018

Snakes appreciate comfortable work boots too!

  The morning routine can get awfully repetivie at times, with many tasks performed without thought as the body slips into autopilot. Occasionally, ordinary tasks like getting out of bed or making a bowl of cereal or putting on your work boots are interrupted by something extraordinary….Andrew from Redlynch witnessed such an event this morning when he watched his son perform an incredible dance while trying to put on his work boots. A closer inspection of the work boot revealed that a large brown tree snake had taken up residence in the size 9 during the night. When I arrived the boot was in quarantine and the snake was extracted. For the record, it is possible to fit 2.1ms of brown tree snake into one size 9 blue steel work boot!
February 5, 2015

Cairns homeowners call for help as snakes rain from on high

Bianca Keegan The Cairns Post February 05, 2015 7:40AM A FAR Northern snake catcher has been run off his feet due to an unwanted baby boom playing out in suburban Cairns. Three households – in Redlynch, Holloways Beach and Caravonica – woke up this week to find dozens of fanged reptiles littering their homes. Cairns snake catcher Matt Hagan (pictured inset) received a panicked call from one resident claiming he had “a bathroom full of taipans”. Click here to read full story
November 13, 2014

Did this snake commit SUICIDE? Brown tree snake was found dead still biting its neck

The 1.5m Brown Tree snake was found outside a Cairns home on Saturday Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catchers was trying to relocate it when he realised the snake had died still latching onto its neck He took the snake to the vet to determine a cause of death, but could only find swelling nears its puncture wounds By Emily Crane for Daily Mail Australia Published: 11:00 EST, 13 November 2014 | Updated: 13:04 EST, 13 November 2014 Click here to read full story Did this snake kill itself using its own venom? It certainly looked that way when Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catchers found the dead snake on Saturday still plunging its fangs into its own neck. He was called to a home at Earville, just south-west of Cairns, after a woman found the 1.5 metre Brown Tree snake on her doorstep. ‘Usually when the snake is outside, it goes away after a while and no one every sees it again. But she said it was still wriggling after half an hour so I went over to relocate it,’ Mr Hagan told Daily Mail Australia. ‘I could immediately see something wasn’t quite right with the snake. When I picked it up I noticed it was still biting down firmly on its neck. ‘I thought what on earth – it looked like it had bitten its own neck and died.’     Click here to read full story
May 13, 2014

‘It was just sitting there on the bed, I couldn’t believe it:’ Mum of ten year old girl horrified to find a one metre long venomous snake lying on her bed

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