August 20, 2018

Beautiful Blue-phase Common Tree Snake

The blue phase common tree snake is one of the most visually striking species of snake that I encounter around Cairns. It’s neon blue belly is impressive, but the snake takes it’s stunning appearance to another level when it puffs up it’s body causing the scales on its back to separate revealing fluorescent blue highlights that flash with each breath. Gordonvale and the surrounding southern suburbs yield the highest proportions of these blue beauties than the city and the northern beaches according to our catch data. Common tree snakes are non venomous and very reluctant biters. They pose little to no threat to people or pets and should be admired for their beauty and left to their own devices where ever possible. Should they end up in your house (most common during the daytime) you should keep a close eye on their movements as they move fast and can disappear very quickly.