Black-headed python enters house through doggy door

Black-headed Python found in Woree

Black-headed Python found in Woree

Its a jungle out there! We suspect that this beautiful black headed python may have been a pet that escaped its enclosure and had been ‘living rough’ for a while by the time we found it. The snake was in poor condition and was found trying to enter a Woree residence via the doggy door.

Black-headed pythons are generally found inland and not the coastal areas around Cairns (although there is rumored to be a small population on the Yarrabah range). They feed largely on reptiles, including venomous snakes although small mammals and birds are occasionally taken. This species does not have the heat-sensing pits on the lower jaw that are found in other pythons and can grow to an average length of 1.5m (reaching a maximum length of 2.5m).

This black-headed python has since been surrendered to the Wildlife Management Unit of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and will be found a new home under one of their relocation programs.

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