Big Python Vs Hot Chocolate…(the duck)

Scrub Python Release


Scrub Python Release

Excellent snake proofing avoids big snake eating every duck in the enclosure

Wet conditions around Cairns have resulted in an increase in snake activity in and around people’s homes as many local snake species decide to book themselves into more comfortable accommodation. This gentle giant was caught earlier in the week from Speewah and was desperately trying to find the entrance to the all you can eat duck buffet. Meticulous snake proofing of the duck enclosure was all that stopped this massive 5.2m scrub python from finding his seat at the table.

During wet conditions it is really important to keep all screens on doors and windows shut – particularly at night. This week brown tree snakes, slaty-grey snakes, spotted pythons, common tree snakes, and scrub pythons have been the most common species relocated from inside people’s houses. Make sure any small pets like chickens, ducks, guinea pigs or cats are either brought in at night or are kept in snake proof enclosures outside.

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