5m scrub python parks itself in a Mooroobool Carport

Snake in Carport

Mooroobool Scrub Python

Big Scub Python

A Mooroobool couple arrived home last night to find a 5m scrub python had parked itself in their carport. They called me out and I was intrigued to find such a large snake coiled up in such an open space! When I picked the snake up I could tell it was lethargic and it quickly became apparent that the big snake was recovering from a serious injury. I had the snake examined by a vet and it was subsequently released. The scrub python may have been ran over by a car at some point. Big snakes like these often span the whole width of the road and are susceptible to car strikes. Snakes often cross or warm themselves on roads at night and can be hard to see, so be careful if you do see a small stick or a large log on the road at night as it might be a snake!

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