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Cairns Snake Catcher provides a rapid, professional snake removal service within Cairns and surrounding areas.

Located in Trinity Beach this is the only snake removal service based in the Northern Beaches ensuring a quick response.

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Catchers Based in the Northern Beaches  and Cairns City.
Fast, affordable snake removal from Port Douglas to Gordonvale, including Mareeba

Fast, affordable and professional snake relocation services

Roof Inspections and Property Searches

DHEP Licensed and Insured

Roof space monitoring using sensor cameras that send an mms to phone when triggered

How We Work

3 simple steps to safe snake removal

watch-snake-carefully-from-a-safe-distance1. Watch snake carefully from a safe distance

phone-call2. Ring us if you would like it removed/identified

professional-snake3. Professional Snake/Reptile Relocation


24/7 Snake/Reptile Removal and Relocation

Latest technology used including boroscope camera for looking into walls and other inaccessible areas.

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Quotes are available for areas outside the catchment specified


You’ll rave about it too.

Matt Hagan has worked in crocodile management for the past decade while he has been based in Cairns. With a degree in Applied Science (Aquaculture) a passion for snakes, crocodiles and life in general, Matt will always provide a fast, professional snake relocation experience.

– Matt

Dr Jack Shield is a qualified local Vet who has over 40 years’ experience in reptile identification and capture and will often render assistance on the ‘bigger’ snake removals and relocations.

– Jack

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